Proofread My Paper for Free and Other Questions

Q)   How much does your service cost?

A) Our proofreading experts know that saving money is essential.  Our essay editing service work hard to keep our prices down and realize that students, contractors, and dedicated employees don’t have a lot of money spend.  We promise you won’t be over charged!

Q)  What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

A)   Proofreading and editing a paper are actually come hand in hand.  Proofreading your paper is going over it looking for major spelling errors and grammar mistakes.  Once a paper is proofread, you can start editing it.  Editing a paper includes condensing it and otherwise changing something to actually change it into a work that is free of errors.  Our academic proofreading services go much beyond simple proofreading and editing for your benefit.

Q)   What about the proofreading system on my computer?

A)   If you’d like someone simply for simple grammar and spelling mistakes, then go ahead and use your computer.  Our team knows how to break down mechanical errors of your paper and assure that not just the syntax but also the content itself is of expert quality.

Q)   What if I am unsatisfied with my paper?

A)   Among our team, this is a phenomena, but it happens.  If we return your paper and you are unsatisfied with our teams work, your money is guaranteed.  If you don’t wish for a second review, we will refund you completely.  We only wish to provide the best service, for you.

Q)    What other services can you provide?

A)   A common misconception among our customers is that we can only help edit documents,  this is actually false.  Our team is willing to help you go so much further into all aspects of work.  We don’t just stop at documents, we help with: book editing, manuscript editing, resumes,  and anything else we may be able to look at for you.  We can even help with the foundation of your work such as thesis statements.  The high quality of our services, is graded by the high quality of your work.  We work for you.