Proofreading Effectively to Avoid Funny Grammar Jokes

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The only way to know is a piece of writing is written correctly is by reading it. And at the first moment someone reads something to see if it’s wrong or correct, that person is doing proofreading. The only and most efficient way to avoid funny grammar jokes, proofreading gives writers the ability to make sure everything is in the proper place while being totally understandable.

Proofreading funny mistakes is almost the whole purpose of proofreading. As nearly any type of grammar mistake can eventually become a joke. Yet, it all depends on how that grammar mistakes ultimately changes what was actually trying to be said, sometimes in a way so exciting or awkward that the entire error becomes a joke. And this happens frequently, enough to become a real problem…

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Funny Grammar Mistakes Examples

It’s common to make mistakes, everyone does. While writing, we need to be really careful, or else we may make fools of ourselves.  Some of the following funny statement of purpose mistakes will let you know how often people mistake while writing. When talking about consumerism, it’s normal to compare different nations to see which one consumes the most according to a particular subject.

It’s also normal to find that US consumerism is more abundant than many other countries, but putting it on paper may not be as easy as it seems, sometimes making it entirely unclear by using a wrong syntax, like in this example:

Most American citizens consume more than 350 Africans together.”

See the mistake? Or do you really think that American eat African people?

Another common mistake is using gerunds as subjects, creating unintelligible sentences that may eventually sound really funny:

“Animal extinction is a process developed thanks to the hunting of humans.”

I don’t think hunting humans actually helps animals to get extinct. So make sure you don’t make proofreading funny mistakes get away with it like this one.

Want to Avoid Humorous Proofreading Mistakes?

Everyone wants to write like a pro, for whatever reason, the right grammar and spelling makes everything look a lot better. For that, there’s no better way of making more precise sentences than meticulously proofreading your documents correctly.

Here are a few tips to do it more efficiently:

  • Always proofread at least 2 times. Read and re-read what you’ve written various times to check every mistake you could have made, and leave less or none mistakes away.
  • Check punctuation and spelling first, then check for sentence structure and syntax. This will make it easier and much faster for you.
  • The use of proper words is something that may eventually change the whole meaning of a sentence, and sometimes of an entire paragraph. Check for the right choice of words; use a dictionary to back you up.
  • Allow someone to read your document and proofread. This will help you find out any mistake you may have overlooked. Also, it will give you both the opportunity to laugh if any funny grammar jokes appear.
  • Hire a professional proofreader. There’s no better way to proofread a document than allowing a professional to do it. They know all the secrets and rules, the most effective methods to do it without letting any mistake behind while improving your overall style and even more.

Need Help Proofreading Your Documents?

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If not, just check out the many funny grammar jokes and share them with your friends – you will have a great laugh while learning!