Techniques of Thesis Proof Reading

Why your thesis needs proof reading.

Academic writing is probably the most demanding type of writing you will ever be asked to do. The expectation is that the work that you produce will be perfect with regards to your punctuation, grammar and of course your spelling. Anything less will cause the rejection of your work and the possibility that you will fail to graduate.

Therefore thesis proof reading is something that you cannot overlook; you have to proof read your work to ensure that it is mistake free before your initial submission.

How do you do thesis proof reading?

There are three routes that you could use for dissertation proofreading;

Each of course has its strengths and drawbacks, but if you really want to ensure that you work is really error free you will have to use all three methods.

Using your computer for thesis proof reading

Most word processors have built in spelling and grammar checkers or you can utilize software available on the internet to do it for you. However software cannot catch every error; even the most expensive and sophisticated software is not as efficient and reliable as a trained proof reader when it comes to eliminating errors from written English. Extreme care must be taken when using software when proof reading thesis chapters as it can miss errors or in some cases incorrectly correct spellings that are not within its own dictionary.

While software can be good for eliminating many simple errors it should not be used as your only method for thesis proof reading.

Proof reading your own work

Trying to proof read work that you have produced yourself is far from easy. We will often skip over errors within our own work without seeing them as we are blinded by our own familiarity with the work. To conduct thesis proof reading on our own work we should ensure that we read every sentence out loud exactly as it is written. We should also read each sentence carefully in isolation both forwards and backwards so that we carefully check each individual word within our text.

This should be done at least a few days after we have written the work, if not a few weeks if there is time.


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Hiring an expert for thesis proof reading

Thesis proofreading UK and Australia by an expert is probably the most efficient way to get your work up to scratch. However care needs to be taken in selecting a company that actually uses real qualified and experienced experts to do the proof reading rather than just farming out work to anyone who will read it for a small fee. By selecting a reputable thesis proof reading company you can ensure that you have the very best chance of having your thesis accepted on its initial submission rather than it being returned for review.