The Diversity of Proofreading Editing Symbols

Can proofreading editing symbols help you?

Proofreading and editing are usually the final stages that any important document will go through before submission or publication. Their aim is to remove any errors in the writing and to ensure that the document is readable and actually says what it was intended to say in a manner that is suitable for its intended audience. An editor will seek out and eliminate all of the following issues;

  • Incorrect word usage or spelling mistakes
  • Improper use of grammar or punctuation marks
  • Incorrect formatting of the text
  • Issues with readability, word choices, transitions, etc.
  • Incorrectly used facts or sources

Most professional editors and proofreaders will use various proofreading editing symbols to highlight those issues and the corrections required on a hard copy of the document.

What are proofreading editing symbols and how are they used?

There are many different proofreading and editing symbols used by professional proofreaders and editors. They use these copy editing and proofreading symbols to mark up a hard copy of the document with the errors that they find and the changes that they suggest. This allows them to concentrate on finding errors rather than being distracted by actually making the changes direct on the computer. Using standardized proofreading editing symbols also allows them to pass their work to another who will be able to actually make the required changes.

The following are some of the commonly used text based editing and proofreading  marks that are used by proofreaders and editors;

  • SP; Fully spell out an abbreviation or acronym
  • LC; Change to lower case letters
  • Caps; Change to upper case letters
  • Ital; Use italics for the text
  • BF; Change to bold type
  • EQ; Make the spacing equal
  • FL; Text needs to be aligned left
  • FR; Text needs to be aligned right

The following are some of the proofreading editing symbols that are used by qualified professional proofreaders and editors;

  • # – Place a space where indicated
  • [ – Justify all text to the left margin
  • ] – Justify all text to the right margin
  • ]…[ – Bring text to the center
  • ¶- Use a new paragraph
  • ˅ – Make the character a subscript
  • ˄ – Make the character a superscript

How do proofreading editing symbols help us provide a better service?

Our professional editing and proofreading service uses only fully qualified and highly experienced staff. They all understand the standardized proofreading editing symbols so they can work closely together to ensure that your document is worked on quickly and efficiently. We can ensure that deadlines are met easily by using multiple staff to work on your documents as required. Having common standards means that work is done accurately and efficiently. So if you need reliable and affordable proofreading and editing just contact our experts who will use proofreading editing symbols to quickly and efficiently polish your work.