The Most Common Mistakes in English Language

Learning of the most common English language mistakes will keep you out of trouble when writing your essays in particular from grammar and spelling issues associated with student papers. To keep your work flawless, check out this information from your essay proofreader.

the most common mistakes in english language infographic


What Are the Most Common English Language Mistakes?


  1. acheive- achieve
  2. alot- a lot or allot
  3. beggining- beginning
  4. definately- definitely
  5. freind- friend
  6. heros- heroes
  7. rasberry- raspberry
  8. tommorrow- tomorrow

Common Typos

  1. your- you’re
  2. then- than
  3. its- it’s
  4. lose- loose
  5. a-an-and
  6. here- hear
  7. to- too- two
  8. there- their- they’re
  9. were- where- we’re

British vs. American Spelling Differences

  1. accessorise- accessorize
  2. behaviour- behavior
  3. cheque- check
  4. defence- defense
  5. favour- favor
  6. harbour- harbor
  7. storey- story
  8. savour- savor
  9. yoghourt- yogurt

Most Common Grammatical Mistakes

  1. Pronoun Errors
  2. Lack of subject
  3. Verb agreement
  4. Misplaced modifiers
  5. Run-on sentence
  6. Comma splice
  7. Mistakes in apostrophe
  8. Usage

The Most Common Mistakes Made by English Learners

  1. The pronunciation of “th”
  2. Prepositions
  3. Articles
  4. Who and that
  5. Misuse of fun/funny

What to Do to Improve English Grammar and Spelling Skills

  • Practice with quizzes and tests to find online.
  • Take some time to discover your weaknesses and learn improving them through memorizing at least one or two English grammar rules.
  • Draft your essay or paper when writing and avoid editing it during the early stage. When done finalize it, and then read it aloud. If you hear awkward statements/sentences, change them until you come up with correct and flawless paper.
  • You can also use grammar and spelling checkers to find online, and some of them are even free. Depending on what features you would like to use, you can also opt for paid subscriptions.
  • Get help from the pros in order to check your paper against mistakes you have not noticed in your paper.

Above are some of the most common mistakes people commit in the English language and that you can correct the next time you write your paper.

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