Top 15 Proofreading Tips and Tricks

Even though it can be a bit of a pain, proofreading is all part of writing a great paper manuscript. It is going through all of the sentences and paragraphs to check for any little mistakes. It is worth it to produce the most accurate document. There are some tricks of the trade that are very common in here are some proofreading tips for students that are extremely good.

The Proofreading Tips and Tricks You Should Know

In no particular order, these are the top 15 proofreading tips and tricks:

  • No Rush. Take your time when you proofread something;
  • Try reading the text aloud. It helps detect mistakes;
  • Proof read everything including the title, the footnotes and any possible headlines;
  • Be consistent with all the formatting;
  • Never guess on spelling. Look up the proper wording to double-check;
  • Take time away from the content. Don’t start proofreading right away;
  • Run spell check first and then look for any accidental errors;
  • Always verify any numbers;
  • Proofread at least twice;
  • Check for consistency in voice throughout the text;
  • Be sure the text is not in passive voice;
  • Verify all footnotes;
  • Always check the grammar rules when in doubt;
  • Circle all punctuation and then check each one;
  • Have someone else do the proofreading.

Please take a second look at that last tip on the list.

A Second Pair of Eyes Helps

You may be taking a risk by doing your own proofreading. It is not because you are careless or unfamiliar with the rules, you may simply be tired and fatigue plays tricks. You also are too familiar with the content and can’t notice the grammatical mistakes. A second pair of eyes can be very objective. Such vision can uncover mental mistakes and errors. The chances of turning in a manuscript or document with grammatical problems is reduced drastically.

Think of Us As a Pair of Seasoned Professional Eyes

We have a team of professional proofreaders who are well aware of all the proofreading tips and techniques. The user experience and knowledge gained over time to isolate and correct those little miscues in prose that can happen. We understand that clients are pushed for time and we have an on time delivery guarantee. We also have a 100% money back guarantee if a client is not satisfied. The risk of a poor quality product is eliminated when you let us be of service.

It also means the time. Proofreading, a manuscript can be time spent doing something else. You will know that experts are working on your document, and correcting any errors. We do need to have a perfect report or paper prepared, let us help you put the finishing touches on it. Our proofreading service helps deliver the highest quality manuscript.