Top Ten Grammar Mistakes

Writers cringe at the thought of making a grammar for writing mistake. It is nothing intentional and the most common mistakes in writing happen due to fatigue or being in a rush. These faux pauxes of prose seem to follow a very set pattern. The most common writing mistakes are very easy to identify.

The Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

In no given order of severity, here are the top writing mistakes:

  • Run-on sentences;
  • The wrong use of an apostrophe;
  • The subject and the verb do not agree;
  • Confusion of words (using “it’s” for possessive. The correct word is “its”);
  • Sentences that do not have a complete thought;
  • Incorrect use of “Fewer” and “Less”  (the word “Fewer” is used when something can be counted);
  • Dangling Participles:
  • Placing commas in front of “that”;
  • A sentence without a verb in it;
  • Using more words than necessary in a sentence.

It Can Be Embarrassing

A good writer should know better than to make these mistakes. These grammatical errors do show up now and then. It helps to have someone proofread an article or manuscript before submission. It is an opportunity to correct any one of top 10 grammar mistakes. It is better to have an outside party proof the document. The alternative could be a very embarrassing situation where mistakes take away from the message being provided. We can be of service.

Our Staff Avoids the Mistakes

We used to proofread and edit the content provided by our clients. Our people are very aware of the need for good grammar, and the proper use of words. These professionals of text will examine the paragraphs and sentences to be sure, there are no mistakes. If any are found, they are corrected the sake of the client. It often happens that grammatical errors occur when deadlines are near. We work with in the timeframe given to us and guarantee on-time service. We also have a 100% money back guarantee if our client is not satisfied. Both guarantees motivate us to do the very best job.

Common grammar mistakes should not be something that tarnishes the document. A writer should take the opportunity to use outside service to protect the integrity of his or her work. Our ability to catch mistakes has saved a lot of people from looking stupid. We want our clients to know that we are there to help them. Our staff is committed to doing the best and our past clients of all commented on our dedication to professionals. We know that we can help you avoid errors.