Useful Proofreading Editing Checklist

Will the use of a proofreading editing checklist help you?

Proofreading and editing are skills which are hard to master without a lot of practice. They are especially hard to master on your own work as you are often just too familiar with what you have just written. A simple proofreading editing checklist however can help you to work through your writing to find and eliminate those common issues that tend to trip up most writers at some point or another. You can find out if you make the most mainstream mistakes and write commonly misspelled words in the fun grammar quiz.

 Using a proofreading editing checklist effectively

Before looking at the actual editing and proofreading checklist it is worth first of all considering how you will actually conduct the operation to make it as effective as possible;

  • If you are proofreading your own work leave it as long as possible after writing
  • Use your software first to identify and eliminate obvious problems (Never rely on this as your only method of checking your writing)
  • Use a hard copy of your document; increase the size and change the font to make it easier to read if necessary
  • Slow your reading by; reading backwards, using a mask to hide adjacent lines, using a pencil to touch each word in turn, use editing and proofreading symbols to mark up a hard copy of the document with the errors
  • Most importantly; check for only one item on the proofreading editing checklist at a time

Use our proofreading editing checklist

Our revision editing and proofreading checklist contains most of the common issues that you will need to find to ensure that your writing is free of errors and will read perfectly;

  1. Ensure that all spelling is correct; especially the names of people and places
  2. Check you have used the right words; especially words with similar sounds like; there, their and they’re
  3. Do you end every sentence correctly? (?, !, .)
  4. Have all semicolons and comas been correctly used?
  5. Have you capitalized all proper nouns?
  6. Is a capital letter used at the start of every sentence?
  7. Do quotations correctly use quotation marks?
  8. Did you use apostrophes correctly? It’s vs its
  9. Do subjects and verbs agree?
  10. Are sentences complete? Too long? Too short? Do they run together?

Don’t have time to use our proofreading editing checklist?

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