We Will Answer You Question “Who Can Proofread My Dissertation?”

Do I Really Need Help to Proofread My Dissertation?

Most tutors will drum into their students the effect of submitting a dissertation that contains any errors; not just in your research but in the writing itself. Academic writing must be perfect; which means that anything less will either see your dissertation rejected or returned for alterations delaying your graduation by several months. This is why your tutor will suggest that you have your dissertation carefully proofread prior to submission to ensure that you have the very best chances of having your dissertation accepted.

Should I Proofread My Dissertation Myself?

It is possible to proofread your own work but you need to do it in a very careful and methodical manner if it is going to be effective. Most people cannot see even the most obvious mistakes within their own work as they tend to see what they intended to write rather than what is actually written. This is especially true if you try to proofread shortly after you have written the work. If you are going to proofread your own work you need to;

  • Leave it as long as possible between writing and proofreading
  • Do your proofreading in short manageable chunks
  • Use software to identify obvious issues; but do not rely on it. Most software will miss errors and also suggest incorrect changes
  • Proofread for one issue at a time; format, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  • Slow your reading to concentrate on the words; use a mask to hide adjacent lines, point at each word in turn, increase font size, read in reverse
  • Read your work aloud to hear exactly how it sounds

Can I Trust You to Proofread My Dissertation?

There are many online services that should not be trusted but we are not one of them. We are a professional proofreading service aimed at help dissertation proofreading to students submit their dissertations perfectly. We only use the very best proofreaders and online editors for our services so you will always get to work with someone that is;

  • A fully qualified proofreader
  • Holds relevant higher degrees to your dissertation
  • Has a full understanding of dissertation content and formatting requirements
  • Has native English language skills

When You Proofread My Dissertation Is It Guaranteed?

As a professional dissertation proofreading company we are happy to cover all of our dissertation proofreading services with our comprehensive guarantees when you come to us for help. Dissertation proofreading and editing are covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee as well as guaranteed on time delivery; even if you have requested a rapid turnaround. We offer fully confidential and highly affordable proofreading services so you can ask us to “proofread my dissertation” with confidence.