Which Words to Use in Essay to Nail It

The vocabulary or words used in essays are the backbones of the body. You can’t be able to create the best content without using appropriate words in the essay. Poor vocabulary choice is among the most common essay mistakes.

Secondly, the meaningful words add more life to your writings by making the draft more engaging to read. Anybody can’t think of attracting the readers through their essays without adding excellent vocabulary in them. Writing essays with good vocabulary definitely require a wealth of knowledge in English literature. Otherwise, it is not as simple to do as you think.

List of Useful Words for Essays

There are innumerable words that can make your essay worth reading for the readers. However, the most common phrases are being shared here to increase your knowledge. These phrases and words are used in essays written by renowned institutions i.e. Harvard Business School, Oxford University, Stanford University and many others etc. All expert writers never forget to use these words in all of their essays. Have a look at the 40 words/phrases that are best for your essays and you’ve probably never heard before or simply ask us to edit paper online.

Transition Words for Writing and Their Use

Here are some of the transition words that can improve your essay’s overall look:

  1. For summarizing part: “all things considered, compelling, persuasive, above all and in conclusion”.
  2. For the signifying importance part: “importantly, notably and significantly”.
  3. For example section: “to give an illustration, for instance”.
  4. For acknowledging reservations: “notwithstanding, nevertheless, nonetheless, in view of, provided that, with this in mind and despite this”.
  5. For the contrast demonstration: “yet, that said, then again, in comparison, having said that, on the other hand, and however”.
  6. For supporting any point: “not to mention, firstly, secondly, thirdly, coupled with, but also, not also, as well as, another key thing to remember, similarly, likewise, what’s more, furthermore and moreover”.
  7. For the general description: “to that end, that is to say, to put it another way, in other words, and in order to”.

The Sentence Starters for Essays

The initial word of every sentence in an essay help to grab the attention of readers to read more. If the selection of sentence starters for essays isn’t good, then people won’t bother to read your content after one or two paragraphs. Therefore, it is important to write the engaging initial words to begin any sentence. The major initial transition words for writing each sentence are “This essay discusses, explores and analyses, one of the many themes, the central theme, the key aspect discussed, This essay is an exploration of, The issue focused on in and so many phrases.” The use of discussed starters shows the professionalism of the authors and readers begin to follow them for their further piece of contents. Every sentence should force a reader to read further without losing the interest.

best words to use in essay

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If you really want to develop the interest of readers in your content, you must use these words. The starting phrases are important to use in every sentence of an essay. Some authors use add long phrases and many words to use in an essay at the beginning of each sentence. It isn’t suggested at all. You must use concise and meaningful words so that readers never get bored of reading your content.

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Importance of Using Useful Words for Essays

There are many advantages of relying on useful and meaningful essay words. Otherwise, there is no surety that either your content would be engaging to read or not. Reading and more reading is the key secret of developing a treasure of vocabulary in your mind. If you don’t read and think to create worthwhile content, you’re 100% wrong for sure. Once you begin to write brilliant essays (by using outstanding vocabulary), you can earn well by writing essays for online and offline firms and students as well. If you’re not interested in starting a career as essay writer, then online grammar checking tools are also available to edit your essays in a great way.

It fully depends on you whether to go for an online service for the writing of your essays or try to do it all by yourself. But honestly, essay writing is difficult to learn in few months. The best words to use in essay require a great command over the English language.

Keep in mind list of useful words to use in essay and be ready to grab readers’ attention.