Who Can Check My Essay Online

The importance of thorough proofreading

A complete and thorough essay proofreading plays a crucial part in essay writing. Spelling mistakes and other errors often find a way into a paper unnoticed. There might be some grammatical errors you didn’t notice while you were concentrating on content. Whether it is written for school or work an essay containing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will be frowned on. Too many of these mistakes make a paper difficult to read and diminish the purpose you are trying to achieve with your essay. Follow good proofreading procedures when completing this final step in the essay writing process.

What procedures should I use to check my essay?

An often asked question is “Can I spell check my essay with spell checking software?” The answer is yes you can, but don’t depend on it as your only means of proofreading. “I will still proofread for grammar and punctuation mistakes but at least I know the spelling is all OK when I check my essay with software.” Again, it serves to help but software is unable to determine the context words are used in. It also won’t catch mistakes with homonyms (they’re, their and there) that you may make. Run a spelling and grammar check at the beginning and end of the proofreading process but you must still follow some other proofreading essay steps.

I can check my essay online. I saw a site that’s free

There are such automated sites that may give a free trial but it is also software and won’t catch all the mistakes a human will. Thorough academic proofreading will require you checking your essay in a number of different ways to be effective. Some of those ways are

  • Read your essay out loud slowly. This will often help spot mistakes
  • Read your essay backwards. It forces you to look at every word
  • Print out a hard copy. It’s easier to read from
  • Do a search for specific errors that you know occur often in your writing
  • Cover everything except the line your are reading with a piece of paper

Combine several methods to find what works best for you

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