Who Can Review My Essay Online

What do I look for when I review my essay?

When you review essays or proof essays you should look at the essay as a whole first. Does it have a focus; does it progress from point to point logically and arrive at a clear conclusion? You will next look at each paragraph in much the same way. The basic structure of the paragraph starts with a main statement, presents information that develops and supports the statement and finishes in a way that transitions smoothly to the next paragraph. The next part of the review process is proofreading. Proofreading is the final step in writing an essay and involves checking for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar at a sentence and word level.

When I review my essay what is the best procedure for proofreading?

Before beginning the proofreading process it is recommended to put it aside for a few hours or even longer if you can spare the time, so that when you begin you have a fresh perspective. Essay proofreading service generally involves going through your essay numerous times in different ways to be sure of finding all mistakes. The following are some of the suggested ways to maximize proofreading efficiency

  • Run spelling and grammar check on your computer first
  • Do a check for the mistakes that you know you most commonly make
  • Print out a hard copy of your essay and read from that
  • Read the essay out loud slowly and clearly
  • Read it backwards sentence by sentence
  • Go through your essay several times looking for one type of problem at a time. Check for sentence structure errors, then word usage errors, again for spelling mistakes and then punctuation errors
  • Run your spelling and grammar check again as a fail safe

You may even want to have somebody else review it after you to see if they catch anything you might have missed

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