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Sometimes you may write a particular text without necessarily having to consider the number of pages. Later on, you are left with the task of determining how many pages that particular task is. Well, you need to worry no more since our converter is here to assist you with that particular task. It frees you off the hustle of having to count the words and then determining the number of pages that the words transverse. This is because it will tell you how many pages a particular word count is as well as how many words you will need for a particular number of pages.

Opportunities the Tool Provides

Before using the tool, you need to understand that the number of pages will depend on not only the number of works but also on the font and font size. You can select one of the following fonts: Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans, Courier New, Times New Roman, and Verdana. As for the sizes available, the go from 10 to 14. You can also choose whether you want to use single, 1.5 or double spacing.

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Description of Our Page Calculator

After you are done converting words into pages consider asking for our paraphrasing help online. Our words to pages converter is a tool that will assist you in determining how many pages a given number of words is. It basically works as a page calculator whereby you will just feed with the number of words and it will give you the number of pages right away. Word to page converter is very crucial, especially when handling work that has its specifications in terms of the number of pages rather than word count. This could be essays or even dissertations at the university. Here is a table that can help you figure out how many pages approximately you have.

 500 words  1 page single spaced 2 pages double spaced
1,000 words  2 pages single spaced 4 pages double spaced
1,500 words  3 pages single spaced 6 pages double spaced
2,000 words  4 pages single spaced 8 pages double spaced
2,500 words  5 pages single spaced 10 pages double spaced
3,000 words  6 pages single spaced 12 pages double spaced
4,000 words  8 pages single spaced 16 pages double spaced
5,000 words  10 pages single spaced 20 pages double spaced
7,500 words  15 pages single spaced 30 pages double spaced
10,000 words  20 pages single spaced 40 pages double spaced
20,000 words  40 pages single spaced 80 pages double spaced
25,000 words  50 pages single spaced 100 pages double spaced
30,000 words  60 pages single spaced 120 pages double spaced
40,000 words  80 pages single spaced 160 pages double spaced
50,000 words  100 pages single spaced 200 pages double spaced
60,000 words  120 pages single spaced 240 pages double spaced
70,000 words  140 pages single spaced 280 pages double spaced
75,000 words  150 pages single spaced 300 pages double spaced
80,000 words  160 pages single spaced 320 pages double spaced
90,000 words  180 pages single spaced 360 pages double spaced
100,000 words  200 pages single spaced 400 pages double spaced
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The converter which is a page calculator is responsible for counting the number of words that exist and then determining how many pages to words traverse. It provides assistance on how to count words in pages. A page consists of 450 words in the case they are single-spaced and this is an accurate value as opposed to the assumption most people make that a page consists of 500 single-spaced words.

It basically works based on a number of parameters. These are the type of font as well as the font size. There are a number of fonts that are conventionally accepted for use and therefore the text for which you are converting to pages has to be in any one of them. These include Arial, Calibri, Comic Sans MS, Courier New, Times New Roman as well as Verdana. When it comes to the font size, the available spacing options are either single spacing, 1.5 or double spacing.

Reasons to Use Our Words to Pages Converter

Some of the reasons why you can use this online English proofreading tool that will assist you with how to count words in pages include

  • It is a very fast and effective tool: You just feed the page calculator with the text and it tells you the number of pages right away.
  • It is easy to use for anyone: This owes to the fact that it is a very simple and basic tool and its user-interface s friendly even to someone using it for the first time.
  • Our words to page converter is very accurate and we hardly make any mistake with our calculations: The automatic system that runs the page calculator confirms that the result is correct before producing the result for you.

Advantages of Our Words to Pages Converter


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You can choose to work with our converter that will assist you with how to convert words in pages. This is very beneficial, especially when dealing with a write-up that spans for many words and you do not have time on your hands since you just want to concentrate on the writing first to avoid cliches in writing. After you are through with the writing and editing you will just feed the text in our page calculator and it will tell you the exact number of pages the text spans.



For the best and most convenient words to page converter services, make sure to try out our tool!